About Us

Tired of the same old cookie cutter Rad Tech t-shirts?  You know, the ones you wouldn't be caught dead wearing but your friends or family probably bought you as a gift just because it said "radiology" somewhere on it and now you use it to clean up the family dog's "accidents".  Tell them to stop it.  We have unique t-shirts with new designs and rad tech-specific humor that will make even the crustiest old tech in your department crack a smile...but then go back to dagger eyes because let's face it, humor is wasted on him because he's dead inside.  So if you want the best rad tech t-shirts on the internet, look no further.  Also, be sure to tell your friends and family that if they are going to throw away their hard earned money on buying you rad tech swag because they don't love you enough to get you what you really wanted, come throw it away here. Do it now.
Barium Junkie apparel.  For Rad Techs, By Rad Techs. FRT BRT.